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Original & Unique CG Programs
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The most efficient way of learning CG programming is though real source code. Every program we developed is original, well-documented and self-explaining. We also tried our best to keep all the programs neat and simple. For example, to render a typical 2D fractal art image only takes around 20+ lines of code.

Online Programming and Rendering
By using our free web-based renderer, we can run all the programs online. You dont't have to install a lot of software and get stuck in the license problem or complex settings.
Simple Languages
Only GLSL/WGSL and a little JS are required to understand all the programs in our source packs. These languages are easy to get started for everyone.
Embedded Tutorials
We organize all the extra knowledge systematically as embedded tutorials. For example, all the fractal art source packs are binded with a detailed fractal art programming tutorial.
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Complete and Standalone CG Programs with Extra Tutorials
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All things related to Computer Graphics and programming.
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Lands™ IDE
Develope CG Programs Online and Render in Browsers
Lands is developed by CGPAD. It's an online platform for integrated development and computing of graphics. By writing codes, creativity and ideas can be accurately expressed, and computational visual art creation can be carried out. Lands supports both 2D and 3D canvas rendering, not only can render static images, but also can easily render animations. Following is a list of rendering modes Lands supports:

Raw Canvas
2D Canvas
WebGL 3D Canvas
2D Pixel Shader
WebGL Fragment Shader
WebGPU Compute Shading

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Lands runs on the browser runtime and supports all major desktop browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, IE Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. Lands is a normal webpage, it is NOT a browser extension, we don't install anything on your computer.
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