About Us
CG Programming Made Easy
The art of computation and rendering.

We are a group of digital artists and software developers from all over the world. CGPAD is where we put computer graphics related products, services and ideas. We mostly focus on generative arts, like fractal art and other algorithm generated digital arts.

1. Software Development

We develope all kinds of software, especially server side software and browser based software. The back-end system of CGPAD is all based our server side infrustructure, including storage, RPC, Web server, SMTP server and Msssage Queue, etc.

2. Computer Graphics Development

Digital visual arts are intriguing to us. We like to create and develope visual arts with math and programming. And sometimes, we also use creative software like Mandelbulb3D or Apophysis to design and produce artworks.

Contact Us

If you have anything to let us know, there are two ways that you can reach us.

  • Use "Feedbacks" to start a conversation with us if you are a registered user of CGPAD.
  • Send us an email at admin at cgpad.com, replace at with @.