1. Overview

Lands is developed by CGPAD. It's an online platform for integrated development and computing of graphics. By writing codes, creativity and ideas can be accurately expressed, and computational visual art creation can be carried out. Lands supports both 2D and 3D canvas rendering, not only can render static images, but also can easily render animations.

Lands runs on the browser runtime and supports all major desktop browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, IE Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

2. Copyrights

This software(service) is copyrighted to CGPAD, all rights reserved.

3. Terms of Service

Lands is free software. You can use it to create your own artworks, and all the artworks you created are copyrighted to yourself. Please do not use official samples directly or after modification for commercial purposes. This software is closed source software. Please do not disseminate, share or use any piece of the source code of this software in any way. For all matters not covered, please contact us for more information.

4. Contact

admin at cgpad.com, replace at with @.

Please leave your contact information in the mail to us.