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Lands™ - Online IDE for CG Programming

Lands is an online graphics computation tool developed by CGPAD. It's designed for integrated development and rendering. By writing codes, creativity and ideas can be accurately expressed, and computational visual art creation can be carried out. Lands supports both 2D and 3D canvas rendering, not only can render static images, but also can easily render animations.

Lands runs on the browser runtime and supports all major desktop browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, IE Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.


Lands is free software. You can use it to create your own artworks, and all the artworks you created are copyrighted to yourself. Please do not use official samples directly or after modification for commercial purposes. This software is closed source software. Please do not disseminate, share or use any piece of the source code of this software in any way. For all matters not covered, please contact us for more information.

Visual Arts made Easy and Fun
Fast implementation with Lands when you have an idea on your mind. Code is the most powerful creation tool, accurately controls everything.
Rendering Modes

Lands is a versatile IDE for computer graphics development. It's all because of its open architecture of computation and rendering. Following is a list of rendering modes Lands supports:

Raw Canvas
2D Canvas
WebGL 3D Canvas
2D Pixel Shader
WebGL Fragment Shader
WebGPU Compute Shading

Lands provides a platform to cater the basic needs in graphics and image processing development, which makes Lands a very powerful assistant. The Source Packs on CGPAD are almost all developed with Lands. Actually, the capabilities of Lands are far more than that.